NT-27 The Revelation The Revelation of Yeshua ha-Mashiach to Yochanan in the Hebrew Names 'Plus' Version 27-Revelation
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HITGALUT  Yeshua  ha-Mashiach  L'YOCHANAN
Revelation of Yeshua the Messiah to John

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1:1 Hitgalut Yeshua ha-Mashiach, which Elohim gave him to show to his `avadim the things which must happen soon, which he sent and made known by his mal'akh to his `eved, Yochanan,  2 who testified to divrei Elohim, and of `edut Yeshua ha-Mashiach, about everything that he saw.  3 Blessed is he who reads and those who hear ha-divrei ha-n'vuah, and keep the things that are written in it, for the time is near.

1:4 Yochanan, to the seven `edot b'Asia: Chesed to you and shalom from ha-hoveh v'hayah v'yavo [the one who is and who was and who is to come]; and from the seven Ruchot who are before his kiseh;  5 and from Yeshua ha-Mashiach, ha`ed ha-ne'eman, the firstborn min ha-metim, and the ruler of malkhei ha-aretz.  To him who loves us, and washed us from our chata'im by his dam;  6 and he made us to be m'lakhim and Kohanim to his Elohim and Av; to him be ha-kavod and the dominion l`olmei `olamim.  Amein.  7 Hinneh, he is coming with the clouds,[A] and kol`ayin will see him, including those who pierced him.[B]  All the tribes of ha-aretz will mourn over him.  Even so, amein.

1:8 "Ani ha-Alef v'ha-Tav, beginning and ending," says Adonai, "ha-hoveh v'ha-yah v'yavo,[C] Shaddai."[♦]

1:9 I, Yochanan, your ach and partaker with you in oppression and malkhut and perseverance in Mashiach Yeshua, was on the isle that is called Patmos because of D'var Elohim and `edut Yeshua ha-Mashiach.  10 I was in ruach on Yom Adonai,[♦] and I heard behind me a qol gadol, as of a shofar11 saying,[♦] "What you see, write in a sefer and send to the seven `edot: to Ephesos, Smurna, Pergamos, Thuateira, Sardeis, Philadelpheia, and to Laodikeia."

1:12 I turned to see ha-qol that spoke with me.  Having turned, I saw seven golden m'norot.  13 And in the midst of ha-m'norot was one like a Bar Enash,[♦] clothed with a robe reaching down to his feet, and with a golden sash around his chest.  14 His head and his hair were white as white-wool, like snow.  His eyes were like a flame of fire.[D]15 His feet were like burnished n'choshet, as if it had been refined in a furnace.  His voice was like qol mayim rabbim.  16 He had seven kokhavim in his right hand.  Out of his mouth proceeded a sharp two-edged sword.  His face was like the sun shining at its brightest.

1:17 When I saw him, I fell at his feet like a dead man.  He laid his right hand on me, saying, "Don't be afraid; Ani ha-rishon v'ha-acharon,  18 va-ani hu ha-chai.  I was dead, and hinneh, ani chai l`olam va`ed.  Amein.  I have the keys of she'ol and of ha-met.  19 Write, therefore, the things which you have seen, and the things which are, and the things which will happen hereafter;  20 ha-sod of the seven kokhavim which you saw in my right hand, and the seven golden m'norot.  The seven kokhavim are ha-m'lakhim of the seven `edot.  The seven m'norot are seven `edot.

A (7) Dan. 7:13.  B (7) Zech. 12:10.  C (8) Is. 41:4; 44:6; 48:12.  D (14) Dan. 7:9.


2:1 El mal'akh `edah b'Ephesos write: "He who holds the seven kokhavim in his right hand, he who walks in the midst of sheva m'norot ha-zahav says these things:

2:2 "I know your ma`asim, and your toil and perseverance, and that you can't tolerate evil (men), and have tested those who call themselves shlichim, and they are not, and found them false.  3 You have perseverance and have endured for my name's sake, and have not grown weary.  4 But I have this against you, that you left your ahavat rishonah.  5 Remember, therefore, from where you have fallen, and repent and do the first ma`asim; or else I am coming to you, and will move your m'norah out of its place, unless you repent.  6 But this you have, that you hate ha-ma`asei ha-Nikolaites, which I also hate.  7 He who has an ear, let him hear what ha-Ruach says to ha`edot.  To him who overcomes I will give to eat of `etz ha-chayyim, which is in Gan `Eden of Elohim.

2:8 "To mal'akh `edah in Smurna write: "Ha-rishon v'ha-acharon, who was met, and has come to chayyim says these things:

2:9 "I know your oppression, and your poverty (but you are rich), and ha-gidduf of those who say they are Y'hudim, and they are not, but are a qahal ha-satan.  10 Don't be afraid of the things which you are about to suffer.  Hinneh, ha-satan is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested; and you will have oppression for ten days.  Be ne'eman `ad-mavet, and I will give you the crown of ha-chayyim.  11 He who has an ear, let him hear what ha-Ruach says to ha`edot.  He who overcomes won't be hurt ba-mavet ha-sheni.

2:12 "El mal'akh `edah Pergamos write: "He who has the sharp two-edged sword says these things:

2:13 "I know your ma`asim and where you dwell, where kiseh ha-satan is.  You hold firmly to my name, and didn't deny my emunah, even ba-yamim Antipas my `ed ne'eman, who was killed among you, where ha-satan dwells.  14 But I have a few things against you, because you have there some who hold ha-torat Bil`am, who taught Balak to throw a stumbling block before b'nei Yisra'el, to eat things sacrificed to idols, and to commit sexual immorality.  15 So you also have some who hold to torat ha-Nikolaites in the same way.  16 Repent, therefore, or else I am coming to you quickly, and I will make war against them with the sword of my mouth.  17 He who has an ear, let him hear what ha-Ruach says to ha`edot.  To him who overcomes, to him will I give of the hidden man, and I will give him a white stone,[♦] and on the stone a shem chadash written, which no one knows but he who receives it.

2:18 "El mal'akh `edah b'Thuateira write: "Ben ha-Elohim, who has his eyes like a flame of fire, and his feet are like burnished n'choshet, says these things:

2:19 I know your ma`asim, your ahavah, emunah, service, patient endurance, and that your last ma`asim are more than the first.  20 But I have this against you, that you tolerate ha-ishshah, Izevel, who calls herself a n'viah.  She teaches and seduces my `avadim to commit sexual immorality, and to eat things sacrificed to idols.  21 I gave her time to repent, but she refuses to repent of her sexual immorality.  22 Hinneh, I will throw her into a bed, and those who commit adultery with her into great oppression, unless they repent of her ma`asim.  23 I will kill her y'ladim with ha-mavet, and all ha`edot will know that I am he who searches the minds and l'vavot. I will give to each one of you according to your ma`asim.  24 But to you I say, to the rest who are in Thuateira, as many as don't have this teaching, who don't know what some call 'the deep things of ha-satan,' to you I say, I don't lay on you any other burden.  25 Nevertheless, that which you have, hold firmly until I come.  26 He who overcomes, and he who keeps my ma`asim to the end, to him will I give authority over ha-goyim.  27 He will rule them with a rod of iron, shattering them like clay pots; as I also have received of Avi:[A]28 and I will give him kokhav ha-shachar [the morning star].  29 He who has an ear, let him hear what ha-Ruach says to ha`edot.

A  (27) Ps. 2:9.


3:1 "El mal'akh `edah Sardeis write: He who has the sheva Ruchot ha-Elohim v'shiv`at kokhavim says these things: "I know your ma`asim, that you have a reputation of being chai, but you are met.  2 Wake up, and establish the things that remain, which were ready to die, for I have found no ma`asim of yours perfected lif'nei ha-Elohim.  3 Remember, therefore, how you have received and heard.  Keep it, and repent.  If, therefore, you won't watch, I will come as a thief, and you won't know what hour I will come on you.  4 Nevertheless, you have a few names in Sardeis that did not defile their garments.  They will walk with me in white, for they are worthy.  5 He who overcomes will be arrayed like this in white garments,[♦] and I will in no way blot his name out of sefer ha-chayyim, and I will confess his name lif'nei Avi, and before his mala'khim.  6 He who has an ear, let him hear what ha-Ruach says to ha`edot.

3:7 "To mal'akh `edah in Philadelpheia write: "These things says Ha-Kadosh, he who is emet, he who has the key of David, he who opens and no one can shut, and that shuts and no one opens:[A]

3:8 "I know your ma`asim (hinneh, I have set before you an open door, which no one can shut), that you have a little power, and kept my davar, and didn't deny my name.  9 Hinneh, I give those mi-qahal ha-satan who say they are Y'hudim, and they are not, but lie. -- hinneh, I will make them to come and worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you.  10 Because you kept ha-davar of my savlanut, I also will keep you from the hour of testing, that which is to come on the whole inhabited earth, to test those who dwell on ha-aretz.  11 Hinneh, I come quickly.  Hold firmly that which you have, so that no one takes your crown.  12 He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in ha-Mishkan Elohai, and he will go out from there no more.  I will write on him shem Elohai, and shem `ir Elohai, Yerushalayim ha-chadashah, which comes down mi-shamayim from Elohai, and my own shem chadash.  13 He who has an ear, let him hear what ha-Ruach says to ha`edot.  3:14 "El mal'akh `edah b'Laodikeia write: "Koh amar Ha-Amein, ha`Ed ha-emet v'ha-tzedek, reshit b'riat ha-Elohim:[♦]

3:15 "I know your ma`asim, that you are neither cold nor hot.  I wish you were cold or hot.  16 So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will vomit you out of my mouth.  17 Because you say, 'I am rich, and have gotten riches, and have need of nothing;' and don't know that you are the wretched one, miserable, poor, blind, and naked;  18 I counsel you to buy from me zahav refined ba-esh, that you may become rich; and white garments, that you may clothe yourself, and that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and eye salve to anoint your eyes, that you may see.  19 As many as I love, I reprove and chasten.  Be zealous, therefore, and repent.  20 Hinneh, I stand at ha-petach and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens ha-petach, I will come in to him, and will dine with him, and he with me.  21 He who overcomes, I will give to him to sit down with me on my kiseh, as I also overcame, and sat down with Avi on his kiseh.  22 He who has an ear, let him hear what ha-Ruach says to ha`edot."

A  (7) Is. 22:22.


4:1 After these things I looked and saw a petach opened in ha-shamayim, v'ha-qol ha-rishon that I heard, like a shofar speaking with me, was one saying, "Come up here, and I will show you the things which must happen after this."  2 Immediately I was in ruach.  V'hinneh, there was a kiseh set in ha-shamayim, and one sitting on ha-kiseh3 that looked like a jasper stone and a sardius.  There was a bow around ha-kiseh, like an emerald to look at.[A]4 Around ha-kiseh were twenty-four kisot, v`al-ha-kisot were twenty-four Z'qenim sitting, dressed in white garments, with crowns of zahav on their heads.  5 U'min-ha-kiseh proceed lightnings, sounds, and thunders.  There were seven torches of fire burning lif'nei ha-kiseh, which are the seven Ruchot Elohim.

4:6 V'lif'nei ha-kiseh was something like a sea of glass, like a crystal.  In the midst of ha-kiseh and around ha-kiseh were four chayyot full of eyes before and behind.  7 Ha-chayyah ha-rishon was like a lion, v'ha-chayyah ha-shenit like a calf, v'ha-chayyah ha-shlishit had a face like adam v'ha-chayyah ha-r'vi`it was like a flying eagle.[B]8 and the four chayyot, having each one of them shesh k'nafayim, are full of eyes around about and within.  They have no rest yomam va-lailah, saying, Kadosh, kadosh, kadosh; YHWH Elohim, Shaddai, hayah v'hoveh v'yavo.[C]9 When ha-chayyot give kavod, honor, and thanks to him who sits `al-ha-kiseh, asher hu chai l`olmei `olamim,  10 the twenty-four Z'qenim fall down before him who sits `al-ha-kiseh and worship him who lives `olmei ha`olamim, and will throw their crowns lif'nei ha-kiseh, lemor,  11 "Worthy are you, Adonai, to receive ha-kavod, the honor, and the power, for you created all things, and because of your desire they exist and were created."

A  (2-3) Ezek. 1:26-28.  B  (7) Ezek. 1:10.  C  (8) Is. 6:1-3.


5:1 I saw, in the right hand of him who sat on ha-kiseh, sefer katuv within and on the back, sealed shut with seven seals.  2 I saw a mighty mal'akh proclaiming with qol gadol, "Who is worthy to open ha-sefer, and to break its seals?"  3 No one in ha-shamayim or on ha-aretz or under ha-aretz, was able to open ha-sefer, or to look in it.  4 And I wept much, because no one was found worthy to open ha-sefer, or to look in it.  5 Vayomer echad min-ha-Z'qenim to me, "Don't weep.  Hinneh, the Lion who is of the tribe of Y'hudah, Shoresh David[A], has overcome to open ha-sefer and its seven seals."

5:6 I saw in the midst of ha-kiseh and of the four chayyot, and in the midst of ha-Z'qenim, a Lamb standing, as though it had been slain, having seven horns, and seven eyes, which are the seven Ruchot Elohim, sent forth b'kol ha-aretz.  7 Then he came, and he took it out of the right hand of him who sat on ha-kiseh.  8 Now when he had taken ha-sefer, the four chayyot and the twenty-four Z'qenim fell down lif'nei ha-Seh, each one having a kinnor, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of ha-k'doshim.  9 They sang a shir chadash, lemor, "You are worthy to take ha-sefer, and to open its seals: for you were killed, and bought us for Elohim with your dam, out of every tribe, language, `am va-goy,  10 and made us m'lakhim v'Kohanim l'Eloheinu, and we shall reign on ha-aretz."  11 I saw, and I heard qol mal'akhim rabbim around ha-kiseh, v'la-chayyot, v'la-Z'qenim; and the number of them was ten thousands of ten thousands,[♦] and thousands of thousands;  12 saying with qol gadol, "Worthy is ha-Seh who has been killed to receive the power, riches, chokhmah, might, honor, kavod, and blessing!"  13 I heard every created thing which is ba-shamayim u'va-aretz, under ha-aretz, on ha-yam, and everything in them, saying, "To him who sits on ha-kiseh, and to ha-Seh be the blessing, the honor, ha-kavod, and the dominion l`olmei `olamim.[B]Amein."  14 The four chayyot said, "Amein!"  Ha-Z'qenim fell down and worshipped.

A (5) Is. 11:1.  B (13) Dan. 7:14.


FIRST SEAL – White horse – Conqueror

6:1 I saw that ha-Seh opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four chayyot lemor, as with a voice of thunder, "Come and see!"  2 I saw, v'hinneh, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow.  A crown was given to him, and he came forth conquering, and to conquer.

SECOND SEAL – Red horse – Peace taken

6:3 When he opened the second seal, I heard the second chayyah saying, "Come and see!"  4 Another came forth, a red horse.  To him who sat on it was given to take shalom min-ha-aretz, and that they should kill one another.  There was given to him a great sword.

THIRD SEAL – Black horse - Balance

6:5 When he opened the third seal, I heard the third chayyah saying, "Come and see!"  I saw, v'hinneh, a black horse.  He who sat on it had a balance in his hand.  6 I heard a voice in the midst of the four chayyot saying, "A choenix [quart] of wheat for a dinar, and three choenix of barley for a dinar!  Don't damage ha-shemen v'ha-yayin!"

FOURTH SEAL – Pale horse – Death by famine and wild animals

6:7 When he opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth chayyah saying, "Come and see!"  8 I saw, v'hinneh, a pale [pale green; ashen (chlōros; χλωρώς)] horse.  He who sat on him, sh'mo ha-Mavet.  She'ol followed with him.  Authority over one fourth of ha-aretz, to kill with the sword, with famine, with death, u'v'chayyot ha-aretz was given to them.

FIFTH SEAL – White robes

6:9 When he opened the fifth seal, I saw underneath ha-mizbeach ha-nafshot of those who had been killed for d'var ha-Elohim, and for ha`edut which they held.  10 They cried with a qol gadol, saying, "How long, Master, ha-Kadosh v'ha-emet, do you not judge and avenge our dam on those who dwell `al-ha-aretz?"  11 There was given to each one of them a white robe.[♦]  It was said to them that they should rest yet for a little time, until their fellow `avadim and their achim, who would also be killed even as they were, had been fulfilled.

SIXTH SEAL - Earthquake

6:12 I saw when he opened the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake.  Ha-shemesh became black as sackcloth made of hair, and the whole moon became as dam.[A]13 Cokh'vei ha-shamayim fell to ha-aretz,[B] as a fig tree drops its unripe figs when it is shaken by a great wind.  14 Ha-shamayim was removed as a m'gillah when it is rolled up.[C]Kol-har and island were moved out of their places.  15 Malkhei ha-aretz, ha-g'dolim, the rich, ha-gibborim, and every `eved and freeman hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of he-harim.  16 They said el-he-harim and the rocks, "Fall on us, and hide us[D] from the face of him who sits `al-ha-kiseh, and from the wrath of ha-Seh,  17 for yom ha-gadol of his wrath has come; and who is able to stand?"

A (12) Joel 2:10, 31.  B (13) Matt. 24:29.  C (14) Is. 34:4.  D (16) Hos. 10:8.


7:1 After this, I saw four mal'akhim standing at the four kanfot ha-aretz, holding the four winds of ha-aretz, so that no wind would blow ba-aretz v'lo ba-yam v'lo v'khol `etz.  2 I saw another mal'akh ascend from the sunrise, having the seal of Elohim chayyim.  He cried with a kol gadol to the four mal'akhim to whom it was given to harm ha-aretz v'ha-yam, lemor,  3 "Harm not ha-aretz, v'et ha-yam, v'et ha`etzim, until we have sealed `avdei Eloheinu on their foreheads!"  4 I heard the number of those who were sealed, one hundred forty-four thousand, sealed out of every tribe of b'nei Yisra'el:
5 Of the tribe of Y'hudah twelve thousand were sealed,
of the tribe of Re'uven twelve thousand were sealed,
of the tribe of Gad twelve thousand were sealed, 
6 of the tribe of Asher twelve thousand were sealed,
of the tribe of Naftali twelve thousand were sealed,
of the tribe of M'nashsheh twelve thousand were sealed,
7 of the tribe of Shim`on twelve thousand were sealed,
of the tribe of Levi twelve thousand were sealed,
of the tribe of Yissakhar twelve thousand were sealed,
8 of the tribe of Z'vulun twelve thousand were sealed,
of the tribe of Yosef twelve thousand were sealed,
of the tribe of Binyamin twelve thousand were sealed. [♦]

7:9 After these things I saw, v'hinneh, a hamon rav, which no man could number, mi-kol ha-goyim v'ha-mispachot v'ha`ammim v'ha-l'shonot, standing lif'nei ha-kiseh v'lif'nei ha-Seh, dressed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands.  10 They cried with a qol gadol, lemor, "Ha-y'shu`ah l'Eloheinu,[♦] who sits la-kiseh, v'la-Seh."  11 V'khol ha-mal'akhim were standing around ha-kiseh, ha-Z'qenim, and the four chayyot; and they fell lif'nei ha-kiseh on their faces, and worshiped Elohim,  12 And they said, "Amein!  Blessing v'ha-kavod v'ha-chokhmah v'ha-todah and honor and power and might l'Eloheinu l`olmei `olamim!  Amein."

7:13 Echad min-ha-Z'qenim answered, vayomer to me, "These who are arrayed in white robes, who are they, and where did they come from?"  14 I told him, "Adoni, you know."  Vayomer to me, "These are those who came min-ha-tzarah[♦] ha-g'dolah.  They washed their robes, and made them white b'Dam ha-Seh.  15 Therefore are they lif'nei kiseh ha-Elohim, they serve him yomam va-lailah in his Mishkan.  He who sits on ha-kiseh will spread his sukkah[♦] over them.  16 They will never be hungry, neither thirsty any more;[A] neither will ha-shemesh beat on them, nor any heat;  17 ki ha-Seh who is in the midst of ha-kiseh will be their ro`eh, and will guide them to springs of mayim chayyim.[A]Elohim will wipe away every tear from their eyes."[B]

A (16, 17) Is. 49:10.  B (17) Is. 25:8.



8:1 When he opened the seventh seal, there followed a silence ba-shamayim for about half an hour.  2 I saw shiv`at ha-mal'akhim who stand lif'nei ha-Elohim, and shiv`ah shofarot were given to them.  3 Mal'akh acher came and stood over ha-mizbeach, having a golden censer.  Much incense was given to him, that he should add it to ha-t'fillot kol ha-k'doshim `al-mizbeach ha-zahav asher lif'nei ha-kiseh.  4 The smoke of the incense, `im-t'fillot ha-k'doshim mi-yad ha-mal'akh lif'nei Elohim, went out.  5 Ha-mal'akh took the censer, and he filled it with esh me`al ha-mizbeach and threw it `al-ha-aretz.  There followed thunders, sounds, barak, and an earthquake.

First Shofar - Hail and fire

8:6 V'shiv`ah ha-mal'akhim who had the shiv`at shofarot prepared themselves to sound.

8:7 Ha-mal'akh ha-rishon sounded, and there followed hail and fire, mixed with dam, and they were thrown on ha-aretz.  One third of ha-aretz was burnt up, and one third of ha`etzim were burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.

Second Shofar - Burning mountain

8:8 V'ha-mal'akh ha-sheni sounded, and something like a har gadol burning with fire was thrown into ha-yam.  One third of ha-yam became dam,  9 and one third of ha-chayyot asher ba-yam died, those who had nafshot, and one third of the ships were destroyed.

Third Shofar - Great star

8:10 V'ha-mal'akh ha-shlishi sounded, v'kokhav gadol fell from ha-shamayim, burning like a torch, and it fell on one third of the rivers, and on the springs of ha-mayim.  11 Shem ha-kokhav is called "Wormwood" [mod.: "bitterness"].  One third of ha-mayim became wormwood, v'rabbim mi-b'nei adam died from ha-mayim, because they were made bitter.

Fourth Shofar - One third of sun, moon, and stars darkened

8:12 V'ha-mal'akh ha-r'vi'i sounded, and one third of ha-shemmesh was struck, and one third of the moon, and one third of ha-kokhavim; so that one third of them would be darkened, and ha-yom wouldn't shine for one third of it, and ha-lailah in the same way.

Three woes

8:13 I saw, and I heard a mal'akh, flying in mid shamayim, saying with a qol gadol, "Oy! Oy! Oy for those who dwell on ha-aretz, because of the other qolot shofar of the three mal'akhim, who are yet to sound."


Fifth Shofar - Kokhav given key to bottomless pit – Locusts – First Woe

9:1 V'ha-mal'akh ha-chamishi sounded, and I saw a kokhav min-ha-shamayim fallen to ha-aretz.  The key to the bottomless pit was given to him.  2 He opened the bottomless pit, and smoke went up out of the pit, like the smoke from a great furnace.  Ha-shemesh and the air were darkened because of the smoke from the pit.  3 Then out of the smoke came forth locusts `al-ha-aretz, and power was given to them, as the scorpions of ha-aretz have power.  4 They were told that they should not hurt the grass of ha-aretz, neither any green thing, neither kol `etz, but only those b'nei adam who don't have the seal [signet] of Elohim on their foreheads.  5 They were given power not to kill them, but to torment them for five chodashim.  Their torment was like the torment of a scorpion, when it strikes adam.  6 Ba-yamim ha-hem b'nei adam will seek ha-mavet, and will in no way find it.  They will desire la-mut, and ha-mavet will flee from them.

9:7 The shapes of the locusts were like horses prepared for war.  On their heads were something like crowns of zahav, and their faces were like faces of b'nei adam.  8 They had hair like hair of nashim, and their teeth were like those of lions.  9 They had breastplates, like breastplates of iron.  The sound of their wings was like the sound of chariots, or of many horses rushing to war.  10 They have tails like those of scorpions, and stings.  In their tails is their power to harm anashim for five chodashim.  11 They have over them as melekh ha-mal'akh of the depths.  His name b'Ivrit is "Avaddon," but in Y'vanit, he has the name "Apolluōn."

9:12 Oy echad is past.  Hinneh, there are still two troubles coming after this.

Sixth Shofar – One third of men killed

9:13 The sixth mal'akh sounded.  I heard a voice from the horns of mizbeach ha-zahav asher lif'nei Elohim,  14 vayomer la-mal'akh ha-shishi asher ha-shofar b'yado, "Free the four mal'akhim who are bound at the great river P'rat."  15 The four mal'akhim were freed who had been prepared for that hour v'la-yom v'la-chodesh v'la-shanah, so that they would kill one third of b'nei adam.  16 The number of the armies of the horsemen was two hundred million.[♦]  I heard the number of them.  17 Thus I saw the horses in the vision, and those who sat on them, having breastplates of fiery red, hyacinth, and sulfur yellow; and the heads of lions.  Out of their mouths proceed fire, smoke, and sulfur.  18 By these three plagues were one third of b'nei adam killed: by the fire, the smoke, and the sulfur, which proceeded out of their mouths.  19 For the power of the horses is in their mouths, and in their tails.  For their tails are like n'chashim, and have heads, and with them they harm.

9:20 The rest of b'nei adam, who were not killed with these plagues, didn't repent mi-ma`asei y'deihem,[A] that they wouldn't worship shedim, and the idols of zahav and of kesef and of n'choshet and of even v`etz which can neither see, nor hear, nor walk.[B]21 They didn't repent of their murders nor of their sorceries nor of their sexual immorality nor of their thefts.

A (20) Deut. 4:28.  B (20) Ps. 115:4-7.


10:1 I saw another mighty mal'akh coming down min ha-shamayim, clothed with a cloud.  A rainbow was on his head.  His face was like ha-shemesh, and his feet like pillars of fire,  2 u'v-yado m'gillah qatan open.  He set his right foot `al-ha-yam, and his left `al-ha-aretz,  3 vayiqra b'qol gadol as a lion roars.  When he cried, the seven thunders uttered their voices.  4 When the seven thunders sounded, I was about to write; but I heard a qol min-ha-shamayim lemor, "Seal up the things which the seven thunders said, and don't write them."  5 Ha-mal'akh whom I saw standing `al-ha-yam v`al-ha-aretz lifted up his right hand el-ha-shamayim6 and swore by (the one who) chai `olmei ha`olamim, asher bara et ha-shamayim v'kol that are in it, ha-aretz v'khol that are in it, v'ha-yam v'khol that are in it, that there will no longer be delay,  7 but bi'y'mei qol ha-mal'akh ha-sh'vi`i, when he is about to sound, then sod ha-Elohim is finished, as he declared to his `avadim ha-n'vi'im.

10:8 Ha-qol which I heard min-ha-shamayim, again speaking with me, said, "Go, take ha-m'gillah ha-qatan which is open b'yad ha-mal'akh who stands `al-ha-yam v`al-ha-aretz."  9 I went to ha-mal'akh, saying, "Give me ha-m'gillah ha-qatan."  He said to me, "Take it, and eat it up.  It will make your belly bitter, but in your mouth it will be as sweet as honey."[A]10 I took ha-m'gillah ha-qatan mi-yad ha-mal'akh and ate it up.  It was as sweet as honey in my mouth.  When I had eaten it, my belly was made bitter.  11 Vayomer to me, "You must prophesy again over `amim v'goyim u'l'shonot u'm'lakhim rabbim."

A (9) Ezek. 3:3.

PEREQ ‏יא‎


11:1 A reed like a rod was given to me, and ha-mal'akh stood, saying, "Rise, and measure Mishkan Elohim v'et ha-mizbeach, and those who worship in it.  2 Leave out the court which is outside ha-Mishkan, and don't measure it, for it has been given la-goyim.  They will tread ha`Ir ha-Kodesh under foot for forty-two chodashim.  3 I will give power to my two `edim, and they will prophesy one thousand two hundred sixty days, clothed in sackcloth.

11:4 These are the two zetim and the two m'norot, standing lif'nei Elohei ha-aretz.  5 If anyone desires to harm them, fire proceeds out of their mouth and devours their enemies.  If anyone desires to harm them, he must be killed in this way.  6 These have the power to shut up ha-shamayim, that it may not rain during the days of their n'vuah.  They have power over ha-mayim, to turn them into dam and to strike ha-aretz with every plague, as often as they desire.  7 When they have finished their `edut, ha-chayyah that comes up out of the depths will make war with them, and overcome them, and kill them.  8 Their corpses will be in the street of ha`Ir ha-G'dolah, which spiritually is called S'dom u'Mitzrayim, where also Adoneinu was executed.  9 Those from among ha`ammim v'ha-mishpatim v'ha-l'shonot v'ha-goyim will look at their corpses for three and a half days, and will not allow their corpses to be laid in a tomb.  10 Those who dwell on ha-aretz will rejoice over them, and make merry.  They will send gifts to one another, because these two n'vi'im tormented those who dwell on ha-aretz.  11 Va'y'hi acharei yamim sh'loshim and a half, ruach chayyim me-et ha-Elohim entered into them, and they stood on their feet.  Great fear fell on those who saw them.  12 I heard a qol gadol min ha-shamayim lemor to them, "Come up here!"  They went up into ha-shamayim in the cloud, and their enemies saw them.  13 In that hour there was a great earthquake, and a tenth of the city fell.  Seven thousand b'nei adam were killed in the earthquake, and the rest were terrified, and gave kavod l'Elohei ha-shamayim.

11:14 Ha-oy ha-shenit is past.  Hinneh, ha-oy ha-sh'lishit comes quickly.

11:15 V'ha-mal'akh ha-sh'vi`i sounded (ha-shofar), and there followed qolot g'dolim ba-shamayim, lemor, "Mamlekhet ha`olam have become (those) of Adoneinu and of his Mashiach, and He will reign l`olmei `olamim!"  16 The twenty-four Z'qenim who sit lif'nei ha-Elohim on their kisot fell on their faces and worshiped Elohim,  17 saying: "We give you thanks, Adonai ha-Elohim, Shaddai, ha-hoveh v'hayah v'yavo; because you have taken your great power, and reigned.  18 Ha-goyim were angry, and your wrath came, as did the time for ha-metim to be judged, and to give your `avadim, ha-n'vi'im, their reward, as well as ha-k'doshim, and those who fear your name, the small and the great; and to destroy those who destroy ha-aretz."

11:19 Mishkan Elohim ba-shamayim was opened, and his aron b'rit was seen in his mishkan.  There followed b'raqim, qolot, thunders, an earthquake, and great hail.

PEREQ ‏יב‎


12:1 Ot g'dolah was seen ba-shamayim: ishshah clothed with ha-shemmesh and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve kokhavim.  2 She had (a babe) in the womb.  She cried out, laboring and in pain, giving birth.  3 There appeared ot acheret ba-shamayim.  V'hinneh, tannin gadol adom, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads seven crowns.  4 His tail drew one third of ha-kokhavim min ha-shamayim, and threw them to ha-aretz.  Ha-tannin stood lif'nei ha-ishshah who was about to give birth, so that when she gave birth he might devour her yeled.  5 She gave birth to a son, a male child, who is to rule kol ha-goyim with a rod of iron.  Her yeled was caught up el-ha-Elohim v'el-kiso.  6 Ha-ishshah fled into ha-midbar where she has a place prepared by Elohim, that there they may nourish her one thousand two hundred sixty days.

12:7 There was war ba-shamayim.  Mikha'el and his mal'akhim made war on ha-tannin.  Ha-tannin and his mal'akhim made war.  8 They didn't prevail, neither was a place found for him any more ba-shamayim.  9 Ha-tannin ha-gadol was thrown down, the old nachash, he who is called ha-malshin v'satan, the deceiver of the inhabitable world.  He was thrown down to ha-aretz, and his mal'akhim were thrown down with him.  10 I heard a qol gadol ba-shamayim lemor, "Now is come ha-yeshu`ah, the power, and malkhut Eloheinu, and the authority of his Mashiach; for satan[♦] acheinu has been thrown down, who accuses them lif'nei Eloheinu yomam va-lailah.  11 They overcame him because of dam ha-Seh, and because of ha-davar of their `edut.  They didn't love their nafshot `ad la-mavet.  12 Therefore rejoice, ha-shamayim, and you who dwell in them.  Oy to those living on ha-aretz va-yam, because ha-malshin has gone down to you, having great wrath, knowing that he has but a short time."

12:13 When ha-tannin saw that he was thrown down to ha-aretz, he persecuted ha-ishshah who gave birth to the male yeled.  14 Two kanphot of the great eagle were given to ha-ishshah, that she might fly into ha-midbar to her place, where she was nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of ha-nachash.  15 Ha-nachash spewed mayim out of his mouth after ha-ishshah like a river, that he might cause her to be carried away by the stream.  16 Ha-aretz helped ha-ishshah, and ha-aretz opened its mouth and swallowed up the river which ha-tannin spewed out of his mouth.  17 Ha-tannin grew angry `al-ha-ishshah, and went away to make war with the rest of her zera, who keep ha-mitzvot Elohim and hold `edut Yeshua.

PEREQ ‏יג‎

13:1 Then I stood on the sand of ha-yam.  I saw a chayyah coming up min ha-yam, having ten horns and seven heads.  On his horns were ten crowns, and on his heads names of giddufim.  2 Ha-chayyah which I saw was like a leopard, and his feet were like those of a bear, and his mouth like the mouth of a lion.  Ha-tannin gave him his power, his kiseh, and great authority.  3 One of his heads looked like it had been wounded fatally.  His fatal wound was healed, and kol ha-aretz marveled at ha-chayyah.  4 They worshiped ha-tannin, because he gave his authority to ha-chayyah, and they worshiped ha-chayyah, lemor, "Who is like ha-chayyah?  Who is able to make war with him?"

13:5 A mouth speaking great things and giddufim was given to him.  Authority to continue for forty-two chodashim was given to him.  6 He opened his mouth for gidduf against Elohim, to blaspheme his name, and his sukkah,[♦] those who dwell in ha-shamayim.  7 It was given to him to make war `im-ha-k'doshim, and to overcome them.[A]Memshalah `al-kol mishpachah va`am v'lashon va'goy was given to him.  8 All who dwell on ha-aretz will worship him, everyone whose name has not been written from the foundation of ha`olam b'sefer ha-chayyim ha-Seh who has been killed.  9 If anyone has an ear, let him hear.  10 If anyone gathers into captivity, into captivity he goes.  If anyone will kill with the sword, with the sword he must be killed.  Here is the patience and emunat ha-k'doshim.

13:11 I saw chayyah acheret coming up min ha-aretz.  He had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke like a tannin.  12 He exercises all the authority of the first chayyah in his presence.  He makes ha-aretz and those who dwell in it to worship the first chayyah, whose fatal wound was healed.  13 He performs otot g'dolot, even making fire come down out of ha-shamayim on ha-aretz in the sight of b'nei adam.  14 He deceives those who dwell on ha-aretz because of ha-otot which it was given him to do bi'f'nei ha-chayyah; saying to those who dwell on ha-aretz, that they should make a tselem la-chayyah who had the sword wound and lived.  15 It was given to him to give ruach b'tselem ha-chayyah, that tselem ha-chayyah should both speak and cause as many as wouldn't worship tselem ha-chayyah to be killed.  16 He causes all, the small and the great, the rich and the poor, and the free and ha-`eved, to be given a tav on their right hand, or on their forehead;  17 and that no one would be able to buy or to sell unless he has ha-tav, shem ha-chayyah, or the number of his name.  18 Here is chokhmah.  He who has understanding, let him calculate the number of ha-chayyah, for it is the number of adam.  His number is Χξϛ[♦] (six hundred, sixty, six).

A (7) Dan. 7:21.

PEREQ ‏יד‎

14:1 I saw, v'hinneh, ha-Seh standing `al-Har Tziyon, and with him one hundred forty-four thousand, having sh'mo v'shem aviv written on their foreheads.  2 I heard a sound min ha-shamayim, like the sound of mayim rabbim, and like the sound of a great thunder.  The sound which I heard was like the playing of kinnorot.  3 They sing something like a shir chadash lif'nei ha-kiseh, and before the four chayyot v' ha-Z'qenim.  None could learn ha-shir except the one hundred forty-four thousand, those who had been redeemed min-ha-aretz.  4 These are those who were not defiled with nashim, for they are virgins.  These are those who follow ha-Seh wherever he goes.  These were redeemed from among b'nei adam, ha-bikkurim l'Elohim v'la-Seh.  5 In their mouth was found no lie.  They are without fault.

14:6 I saw mal'akh acher flying in mid shamayim, having B'sorat `olam to proclaim to those who inhabit ha-aretz, v'et-kol-goy u'mishpachah v'lashon va-`am.  7 Vayomer b'qol gadol, "Fear Elohim, and give him kavod; for the hour of his mishpat has come.  Worship him who made shamayim va-aretz v'ha-yam u'ma'y'not ha-mayim!"

14:8 U'mal'akh acher, a second, followed, lemor, "Bavel ha`ir ha-gadol has fallen, which has made all ha-goyim to drink of ha-yayin of the wrath of her sexual immorality."

14:9 U'mal'akh acher, a third, followed them, lemor b'qol gadol, "If anyone worships ha-chayyah and his tselem, and receives a tav on his forehead o `al-yado,  10 he also will drink of ha-yayin of the wrath of Elohim, which is prepared unmixed in the cup of his anger.  He will be tormented with fire and sulfur in the presence of ha-mal'akhim ha-k'doshim, and in the presence of ha-Seh.  11 The smoke of their torment goes up l`olmei `olamim.  They have no rest yomam va-lailah, those who worship ha-chayyah and his tselem, and whoever receives tav sh'mo.

14:12 Here is the patience of ha-k'doshim, those who keep mitzvot ha-Elohim v'emunat Yeshua."

14:13 I heard qol min ha-shamayim lemor, "Write, 'Ashrei ha-metim who die ba-Adon from now on.'"  "Ken," amar ha-Ruach, "that they may rest from their labors; for their ma`asim follow with them."

14:14 I looked, v'hinneh, a white cloud; and on the cloud one sitting like Bar Enash, having on his head a crown of zahav, u'v'yado a sharp sickle.  15 U'mal'akh acher came min ha-Mishkan, crying with a qol gadol to him who sat on the cloud, "Send forth your sickle, and reap; for the hour to reap has come; for the harvest of ha-aretz is ripe!"[A]16 He who sat on the cloud thrust his sickle ba-aretz, v'ha-aretz was reaped.

14:17 U'mal'akh acher came min ha-Mishkan asher ba-Shamayim.  He also had a sharp sickle.  18 U'mal'akh acher came min ha-mizbeach, he who has power `al-ha-esh, and he called with a qol gadol to him who had the sharp sickle, saying, "Send forth your sharp sickle, and gather the clusters of gefen ha-aretz, for her grapes are fully ripe!"  19 V'ha-mal'akh thrust his sickle `al-ha-aretz, and gathered gefen ha-aretz, and threw it into ha-gat ha-g'dolah of the wrath of Elohim.  20 Ha-gat was trodden outside of ha`ir, and dam came out from ha-gat, even to the bridles of the horses, as far as one thousand six hundred stadia.[B]

A (15) Joel 3:13.  B (20) About 200 miles (RSV).

PEREQ ‏טו‎


15:1 I saw ot acheret ba-shamayim, g'dolah and marvelous: shiv`ah mal'akhim having the seven last plagues, for in them the wrath of Elohim is finished.

15:2 I saw something like a sea of glass mixed with fire, and those who overcame ha-chayyah, and his tselem, and the number of his name, standing on ha-yam of glass, having kinnorot Elohim.  3 They sang shirat Moshe, `eved Elohim, v'shirat ha-Seh, lemor, "Great and marvelous are your ma`asim, Adonai ha-Elohim, Shaddai; Tzedek v'emet are your ways, Melekh ha-goyim.  4 Who wouldn't fear you, Adonai, and glorify your name?  For you only are kadosh.  For kol ha-goyim will come and worship before you.[A]  For your tzedikim (ma`asim)[♦] have been revealed.

15:5 After these things I looked, and mishkan ha-ohel `edut ba-shamayim was opened.  6 The seven mal'akhim who had the seven plagues came out min ha-mishkan, clothed with linen, tahor and bright, and wearing golden sashes around their breasts.  7 One of the four chayyot gave to the seven mal'akhim seven golden bowls full of the wrath of Elohei ha-chay l'olmei ha`olamim.  8 Ha-Mishkan was filled with smoke from kavod Elohim, and from his power.  No one was able to enter el-ha-Mishkan until the seven plagues of the seven mal'akhim should be finished.

A (4) Ps. 86:9.

PEREQ ‏טז‎


16:1 I heard a qol gadol min ha-Mishkan, saying to the seven mal'akhim, "Go and pour out the seven bowls of the wrath of Elohim `al-ha-aretz!"

16:2 Ha-rishon went and poured out his bowl `al-ha-aretz, and it became a harmful and evil sore on ha-anashim who had tav ha-chayyah, and who worshiped his tselem.

16:3 V'ha-mal'akh ha-sheni poured out his bowl `al-ha-yam, and it became dam as of a dead man.  Kol nefesh chayyah ba-yam died.

16:4 V'ha-mal'akh ha-shlishi poured out his bowl into the rivers and ma'y'not mayim, and it became dam.  5 I heard mal'akh ha-mayim saying, "Tzadik attah, Adonai, ha-hoveh v'hayah v'yavo, ha-Kadosh, because you judged these.  6 For they poured out ha-dam k'doshim u'n'vi'im, and you have given them dam to drink.  They deserve this."  7 I heard another out of ha-mizbeach lemor, "Ken, Adonai ha-Elohim, Shaddai, emet va-tzedek (are your) mishpatim."

16:8 Ha-mal'akh ha-r'vi`i poured out his bowl `al-ha-shemesh, and it was given to him to scorch ha-anashim ba-esh.  9 Ha-anashim were scorched with great heat, and they blasphemed shem Elohim who has the power over these plagues.  They didn't repent and give him kavod.

16:10 V'ha-mal'akh ha-chamishi poured out his bowl `al-kiseh ha-chayyah, and his malkhut was darkened.  They gnawed their tongues because of the pain,  11 and they blasphemed Elohei ha-shamayim because of their pains and their sores.  They didn't repent of their ma`asim.

16:12 V'ha-mal'akh ha-shishi poured out his bowl on the great river, ha-P'rat.  Its mayim was dried up, that ha-derekh might be made ready for ha-m'lakhim that come from the rising of ha-shemesh.  13 I saw coming mi-pi ha-tannin u'mi-pi ha-chayyah u'mi-pi the false navi three ruchot t'me'ot, something like frogs;  14 for they are ruchot ha-shedim, performing otot; which go forth el malkhei eretz, the whole habitable world, to gather them together for the day of war, ha-yom ha-gadol, yom El Shaddai.  15 "Hinneh, I come like a thief.  Blessed is he who watches, and keeps his clothes, so that he doesn't walk naked, and they see his shame."  16 He gathered them together el-ha-maqom ha-niqra b'Ivrit, "Har-Megiddo."

16:17 Ha-mal'akh ha-sh'vi`i poured out his bowl into the air.  Qol gadol came forth min ha-Mishkan, min ha-kiseh, lemor, "It has happened!"  18 There were qolot and thunders and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since there were anashim `al-ha-aretz, so great an earthquake, so mighty.  19 Ha`ir ha-g'dolah was divided into three parts, and the cities of ha-goyim fell.  Bavel ha-g'dolah was remembered in the sight of Elohim, to give to her the cos yayin of the fierceness of his wrath.  20 Every island fled away, v'he-harim were not found.  21 Great hailstones, about the weight of a kikkar, came down min ha-shamayim `al-anashim.  Anashim blasphemed Elohim because of the plague of the hail, for the plague of it is exceeding great.

PEREQ ‏יז‎

17:1 Echad min-shiv`ah mal'akhim who had the seven bowls came and spoke with me, lemor, "Come here. I will show you ha-mishpat of the great prostitute who sits on mayim rabbim,  2 with whom malkhei ha-aretz committed sexual immorality, and those who dwell in ha-aretz were made drunken with ha-yayin of her sexual immorality."  3 He carried me away ba-ruach into ha-midbar.  I saw an ishshah sitting on a scarlet-colored chayyah, full of sh'mot giddufim, having seven heads and ten horns.  4 Ha-ishshah was dressed in purple and scarlet, and decked with zahav and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a cos zahav full of abominations, even the tameh things of her sexual immorality,  5 and on her forehead a name written, "SOD BAVEL HA-G'DOLAH, EM OF THE PROSTITUTES AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF HA-ARETZ."  6 I saw ha-ishshah drunken with dam ha-k'doshim u'mi-dam `edei Yeshua.  When I saw her, I wondered with great amazement.

17:7 Vayomer ha-mal'akh to me, "Why do you wonder?  I will tell you sod ha-ishshah v'ha-chayyah that carries her, which has the seven heads and the ten horns.  8 Ha-chayyah that you saw was and is not; and is about to come up out of the depths, and to go into avaddon.  Those who inhabit ha-aretz will wonder, whose names have not been written b'sefer ha-chayyim from the foundation of ha`olam, when they see ha-chayyah, how that he was, and is not, and will come.  9 Here is the mind that has chokhmah.  The seven heads are seven harim, on which ha-ishshah sits.  10 They are shiv`ah m'lakhim.  Five have fallen, the one is, the other is not yet come.  When he comes, he must continue a little while.  11 Ha-chayyah that was, and is not, is himself also an eighth, v'hu min-ha-shiv`ah; and he goes to avaddon.  12 The ten horns that you saw are ten m'lakhim who have received no malkhut as yet, but they receive authority as m'lakhim, with ha-chayyah, for one hour.  13 These have one mind, and they give their power and authority to ha-chayyah.  14 These will war against ha-Seh, and ha-Seh will overcome them, ki hu Adonei ha-adonim u'Melekh ha-m'lakhim. They also will overcome who are with him, called and chosen and ne'eman."

17:15 Vayomer to me, "Ha-mayim which you saw, where the prostitute sits, are `amim v'hamonim v'goyim u'l'shonot.  16 The ten horns which you saw, and ha-chayyah, these will hate the prostitute, and will make her desolate and naked, and will eat her basar, and will burn her utterly ba-esh.  17 Ki ha-Elohim has put in their l'vavot to do what he has in mind, and to come to unity of mind, and to give their malkhut la-ha-chayyah, until divrei ha-Elohim should be accomplished.  18 Ha-ishshah whom you saw is ha`ir ha-g'dolah, which reigns over m'lakhim ha-aretz."

PEREQ ‏יח‎

18:1 After these things, I saw mal'akh acher coming down min-ha-shamayim, having great authority.  Ha-aretz was illuminated with his kavod.  2 Vayikra b'qol gadol, lemor, "Fallen, fallen Bavel ha-g'dolah, and has become a habitation of shedim and a prison of kol ruach tameh, and a prison of every tameh and hateful bird!  3 Ki kol ha-goyim have drunk of ha-yayin of the wrath of her sexual immorality, malkhei ha-aretz committed sexual immorality with her, and the merchants of ha-aretz grew rich from the abundance of her luxury."  4 I heard qol acher min-ha-shamayim lemor, "Come forth, `ami, out of her, that you have no participation in her chatta'im, and that you don't receive of her plagues,  5 for her chatta'im have reached `ad-la-shamayim, and Elohim has remembered her iniquities.  6 Return to her just as she returned, and double to her the double according to her ma`asim.  In the cup which she mixed, mix to her double.  7 However much she glorified herself, and grew wanton, so much give her of torment and mourning.  For she says in her heart, 'I sit a malkah, and am no widow, and will in no way see mourning.'  8 Therefore, b'yom echad her plagues will come: mavet, mourning, and famine; and she will be utterly burned ba-esh; for YHWH Elohim who has judged her is chazak.

18:9 Malkhei ha-aretz, who committed sexual immorality and lived wantonly with her, will weep and wail over her, when they look at the smoke of her burning,  10 standing far away for the fear of her torment, saying, 'Oy, oy, ha`ir ha-g'dolah, Bavel, ha`ir ha-chazakah!  For your mishpat has come in one hour.'

18:11 The merchants of ha-aretz weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their merchandise any more;  12 merchandise of zahav, kesef, precious stones, pearls, fine linen, purple, silk, scarlet, all expensive wood, every vessel of ivory, every vessel made of most precious wood, and of n'choshet, and iron, and marble;  13 and cinnamon, spices, incense, ointment [perfume], frankincense, yayin, shemen, fine flour, wheat, cattle, and sheep; and merchandise of horses and chariots, v'gufot v'nefesh adam.  14 The fruits which your nefesh lusted after have been lost to you, and all things that were dainty and sumptuous have perished from you, and you will find them no more at all.  15 The merchants of these things, who were made rich by her, will stand far away for the fear of her torment, weeping and mourning;  16 saying, 'Oy, oy, ha`ir ha-g'dolah, she who was dressed in fine linen, purple, and scarlet, and decked with zahav and precious stones and pearls!  17 For in an hour such great riches are made desolate.'  Every shipmaster, and everyone who sails anywhere, and mariners, and as many as gain their living ba-yam, stood far away,  18 and cried out as they looked at the smoke of her burning, saying, 'What is like ha`ir ha-g'dolah?'  19 They cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and mourning, saying, 'Oy, oy, ha`ir ha-g'dolah, in which all who had their ships in ha-yam were made rich by reason of her great wealth!'  For in one hour is she made desolate.  20 Rejoice over her, shamayim, shlichim ha-k'doshim, v'ha-n'vi'im; ki Elohim has judged your mishpat on her."

18:21 A mighty mal'akh took up an even g'dolah like a great millstone and cast it into ha-yam, lemor, "Thus with violence will Bavel, ha`ir ha-g'dolah, be thrown down, and will be found no more at all.  22 The voice of harpers and minstrels and flute players and trumpeters will be heard no more at all in you.  No craftsman, of whatever craft, will be found any more at all in you.  The sound of a mill will be heard no more at all in you.  23 Or ner will shine no more at all in you.  "Qol chatan v'qol kalah [The voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride] will be heard no more at all in you;"[A] "for your merchants were ha-sarim eretz;"[B] for "with your sorcery all ha-goyim were deceived."[C]24 In her was found dam ha-n'vi'im and of k'doshim, and of "all who have been slain on aretz."[D]

A (23) Jer. 25:10; 7:34; 16:9.  B (23) Is. 23:8.  C (23) Nah. 3:4.  D (24)Jer. 51:49. 

PEREQ ‏יט‎

19:1 After these things I heard something like a qol gadol hamon rav ba-shamayim, lemor, "Hallelu-Yah![♦]  Yeshu`ah, kavod, and power (belong) to Adonai Eloheinu:  2 ki emet va-tzedek are his mishpatim.  For he has judged the great prostitute, she who corrupted ha-aretz with her sexual immorality, and he has avenged ha-dam of his `avadim at her hand."  3 A second time they said, "Hallelu-Yah!  Her smoke goes up l`olmei `olamim."  4 The twenty-four Z'qenim and the four chayyot fell down and worshiped Elohim who sits on ha-kiseh, lemor, "Amein!  Hallelu-Yah!"5 A voice came forth min-ha-kiseh, lemor, "Give praise to Eloheinu, all you his `avadim, you who fear him, the small and the great!"  6 I heard something like qol hamon rav, and like qol mayim rabbim, and like the voice of mighty thunders, saying, "Hallelu-Yah!  Ki Adonai Eloheinu, Shaddai reigns!  7 Let us rejoice and be exceedingly glad, and let us give the kavod to him.  For the marriage of ha-Seh has come, and his ishshah has made herself ready."  8 It was given to her that she would array herself in bright, pure, fine linen: for the fine linen is tzidkat ha-k'doshim.

19:9 Vayomer to me, "Write, 'Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of ha-Seh.'"  Vayomer to me, "Eleh divrei Elohim emet."  10 I fell down before his feet to worship him.  Vayomer to me, "Look!  Don't!  I am a fellow `eved with you and with your achim who hold `edut Yeshua.  Worship Elohim, for `edut Yeshua hu Ruach ha-n'vuah."

19:11 I saw ha-shamayim opened, v'hinneh, a white horse, and he who sat on it is called Ne'eman v'Emet, u'v'tzedek he judges and makes war.  12 His eyes are a flame of fire, and on his head are many crowns.  He has a name written which no one knows but he himself.  13 He is clothed in a garment sprinkled with dam, u'shmo nikra "D'var ha-Elohim."  14 The armies ba-shamayim followed him on white horses, clothed in white, pure, fine linen.  15 Out of his mouth proceeds a sharp, two-edged sword, that with it he should strike ha-goyim.  He will rule them with a rod of iron.  He treads ha-gat of the fierceness of the wrath of El Shaddai.  16 He has on his garment and on his thigh a name written, "MELEKH HA-M'LAKHIM, VA'ADONEI HA-ADONIM."

19:17 I saw mal'akh echad standing ba-shemesh.  He cried with a qol gadol vayomer to all the birds that fly ba-shamayim, "Come!  Be gathered together to the supper of Elohim ha-Gadol,  18 that you may eat basar m'lakhim u'vasar of captains, basar gibborim u'vasar of horses and of those who sit on them, and basar of all, both free and `avadim, ha-q'tanim `im-ha-g'dolim."  19 I saw ha-chayyah u'malkhei ha-aretz, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him who sat on the horse, and against his army.  20 Ha-chayyah was taken, and with him the false navi who worked otot in his sight, with which he deceived those who had received tav ha-chayyah and those who worshiped his tselem.  They two were thrown alive ba-yam esh burning with brimstone.  21 The rest were killed with the sword of him who sat on the horse, the sword which came forth out of his mouth.[A]  All the birds were filled with their basar.

A (21) Heb. 4:12.


20:1 I saw a mal'akh coming down min-ha-shamayim, having the key of the depths and a great chain b'yado.  2 He seized ha-tannin, the old nachash, which is ha-malshin v'ha-satan, and bound him for elef shanim [a thousand years],  3 and cast him into the depths, and shut it, and sealed it over him, that he should deceive ha-goyim no more, until the elef shanim were finished.  After this, he must be freed for a short time.

20:4 I saw kisot and they that sat on them, and mishpat was given to them.  I saw ha-nafshot of those who had been beheaded `al`edut Yeshua, v`al-d'var ha-Elohim, and such as didn't worship ha-chayyah nor his tselem and didn't receive ha-tav on their forehead and on their hand.  They lived and reigned with Mashiach elef shanim.  5 The rest of ha-metim didn't live until the elef shanim were finished.  Zot hi ha-t'chiyyah ha-rishonah.  6 Ashrei v'kadosh hu who has part ba-t'chiyyah ha-rishonah.  Over these, ha-mavet ha-sheni has no power, but they will be kohanim l'Elohim ul'Mashiach, and will reign with him elef shanim.

20:7 V'acherei elef ha-shanim are finished, ha-satan will be freed out of his prison,  8 and will come forth to deceive ha-goyim which are in the four kanfot ha-aretz, Gog u'Magog, to gather them together in war; the number of whom is as the sand of ha-yam.  9 They went up over the breadth of ha-aretz and surrounded the camp of ha-k'doshim, and the beloved city.  Fire came down out of ha-shamayim, and devoured[♦] them.  10 Ha-malshin who deceived them was thrown into yam ha-esh and sulfur, where are also ha-chayyah and the false navi.  They will be tormented yomam va-lailah l`olmei `olamim.

20:11 I saw a great white kiseh, and him who sat on it, from whose face ha-aretz v'shamayim fled away.  There was found no place for them.  12 I saw ha-metim, q'tanim `im-ha-g'dolim, standing lif'nei Elohim, u's'farim were opened; and sefer acher was opened, asher hu ha-sefer ha-chayyim, v'ha-metim were judged out of the things which were written in ha-s'farim according to their ma`asim.  13 Ha-yam gave up ha-metim who were in it.  Ha-mavet v'ha-she'ol gave up ha-metim who were in them.  They were judged, each one according to his ma`asim.  14 Ha-mavet v'ha-she'ol were thrown ba-yam ha-esh.  Hu ha-mavet ha-sheni.  15 If anyone was not found written b'sefer ha-chayyim, he was cast ba-yam ha-esh.

PEREQ ‏כא‎

21:1 I saw shamayim chadashim and eretz chadashah: for ha-shamayim ha-rishonim and ha-aretz ha-rishonah[A] have passed away, and ha-yam is no more.  2 I saw ha`ir ha-k'doshah, Yerushalayim ha-Chadashah, coming down min-ha-Elohim min-ha-shamayim, made ready as a bride adorned for her ba`al.  3 I heard a qol gadol min ha-shamayim lemor, "Hinneh, Mishkan Elohim `im-b'nei ha-adam, and he will dwell with them, and they will be `amo, and Elohim himself will be with them as their Elohim.  4 He will wipe away every tear from their eyes.  Ha-mavet will be no more; neither will there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain any more.  Ha-rishonot have passed away.

21:5 Vayomer, He who sits `al-ha-kiseh, "Hinneh, I make ha-kol chadash."  Vayomer, "Write, ki ha-d'varim ha-eleh are emet v'ne'eman."  6 Vayomer to me, "It is done!  Ani ha-Alef v'ha-Tav, ani rishon v'ha-sof.[♦]  I will give freely to him who is thirsty mi-ma`ayan mayim ha-chayyim.  7 He who overcomes, I will give him these things.  I will be his Elohim, and he will be b'ni.  8 But for the cowardly, unbelieving, chatta'im, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their part is ba-yam that burns with fire and sulfur, asher hu ha-mavet ha-sheni."

21:9 Echad mi-shiv`at mal'akhim who had the seven bowls, who were laden with the seven last plagues came, and he spoke with me, saying, "Come here.  I will show you the bride, eshet ha-Seh."  10 He carried me away ba-ruach al har gadol and high, and showed me ha`ir ha-g'dolah, Yerushalayim ha-k'doshah, coming down min-ha-shamayim me-et ha-Elohim,  11 having kavod Elohim.  Her light was like a most precious stone, as if it was a jasper stone, clear as crystal;  12 having a great and high wall; having twelve gates, and at the gates twelve mal'akhim; and names written on them, which are the names of the twelve tribes of b'nei Yisra'el.  13 On the east were three gates; and on the north three gates; and on the south three gates; and on the west three gates.  14 The wall of ha`ir had twelve foundations, and on them twelve names of the twelve Shlichei ha-Seh.

21:15 He who spoke with me had for a measure a reed of zahav to measure ha`ir, its gates, and its walls.  16 Ha`ir lies foursquare, and its length is as great as its breadth.  He measured ha`ir with the reed, twelve thousand stadia.[♦]  Its length, breadth, and height are equal.  17 He measured its wall, one hundred forty-four cubits, by the measure of ben adam, that is, of a mal'akh.  18 The construction of its wall was jasper.  Ha`ir was pure zahav, like pure glass.  19 The foundations of the wall of ha`ir were adorned with all kinds of precious stones.  The first foundation was jasper; the second, sapphire; the third, chalcedony; the fourth, emerald;[♦]20 the fifth, sardonyx; the sixth, sardius; the seventh, chrysolite; the eighth, beryl; the ninth, topaz; the tenth, chrysoprasus; the eleventh, jacinth; and the twelfth, amethyst.  21 The twelve gates were twelve pearls.  Each one of the gates was made of one pearl.  The street of ha`ir was pure zahav, like transparent glass.

21:22 I saw no mishkan in it, ki Adonai El Shaddai is its Mishkan, and ha-Seh.  23 Ha`ir had no need for ha-shemesh, nor of the moon, to shine, for the very kavod ha-Elohim illuminated it,[B] and ha-Seh was the lamp of it.  24 Ha-goyim will walk in its light.  Malkhei eretz bring their kavod into it.  25 Its gates will in no way be shut b'yomam (ki lailah lo-yihyeh sham),  26 and they will bring ha-kavod and the honor of ha-goyim into it.  27 There will in no way enter into it anything profane, or one who causes an abomination or a lie, but only those who are written in sefer ha-chayyim shel ha-Seh.

A (1) Is. 65:17.  B (23) Is. 60:19.

PEREQ ‏כב‎

22:1 He showed me a river of mayim chayyim, clear as crystal, proceeding mi-kiseh ha-Elohim v'ha-Seh,  2 in the midst of its street.  On this side of the river and on that was `etz chayyim, bearing twelve kinds of fruits, yielding its fruit kol chodesh.  The leaves of the tree were for the healing of ha-goyim.  3 There will be no curse any more.  Kiseh ha-Elohim v'ha-Seh will be in it, and his `avadim will serve him.  4 They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads.  5 There will be no more lailah, and they need no lamp light, neither sunlight; for YHWH ha-Elohim will give them light.  They will reign `olmei `olamim.

22:6 Vayomer to me, "Ha-d'varim ha-eleh are ne'eman v'emet.  Adonai ha-Elohei ha-n'vi'im ha-k'doshim sent his mal'akhim to show to his `avadim the things which must happen soon."  7 " Hinneh, I come quickly.  Blessed is he who keeps divrei n'vuat ha-sefer hazeh."

22:8 Va-ani, Yochanan, am the one who heard and saw these things.  When I heard and saw, I fell down to worship before the feet of ha-mal'akh who had shown me these things.  9 Vayomer to me, "Look, don't!  I am a fellow `eved with you and with your achim, ha-n'vi'im and with those who keep divrei ha-sefer hazeh.  Worship Elohim."

22:10 Vayomer to me, "Don't seal up divrei n'vuat ha-sefer hazeh, for the time is at hand.  11 He who acts unjustly, let him act unjustly still.  He who is filthy, let him be filthy still.  He who is tzaddik, let him do tzedek still.  He who is kadosh, let him be kadosh still."

22:12 "Hinneh, I come quickly.  My reward is with me, to repay l'kol ish according to his ma`asim.  13 Ani ha-Alef v'ha-Tav, ha-Rosh v'ha-Sof, ha-Rishon v'ha-Acharon.

22:14 Blessed are those who do his mitzvot, that they may have the right to `etz ha-chayyim, and may enter in by the gates into ha`ir.  15 Outside are the dogs, the sorcerers, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

22:16 I, Yeshua, have sent my mal'akh to testify these things to you for ha`edot.  Anokhi shoresh David and the offspring;[A] the Bright Kokhav ha-Shachar."

22:17 Ha-Ruach and the bride say, "Come!"  He who hears, let him say, "Come!"  He who is thirsty, let him come.  He who desires, let him take mayim chayyim freely.

22:18 I testify to every ben adam who hears ha-divrei n'vuat ha-sefer hazeh, if anyone adds to them, may Elohim add to him the plagues which are written in ha-sefer hazeh.  19 If anyone takes away mi-divrei sefer ha-n'vuah hazot, Elohim will take away his part from sefer ha-chayyim u'me`ir ha-kodesh ha-k'tuvim ba-sefer hazeh.[♦]

22:20 He who testifies these things says, "Yes, I come quickly."  Amein!  Come, Adon Yeshua.

22:21 Chesed Adoneinu Yeshua ha-Mashiach be with all of you.  Amein.

A (16) Is. 11:1.

1:8:   This verse is QUOTING the FATHER, NOT THE SON.  See references in the chapter footnote.  Quotation marks are used in RSV, NASB, LNT, Wms, Beck, CJB, NKJV, NIV, ESV, YLT, HNV.  Nowhere else is it even hinted that Yeshua was "Almighty/Shaddai."  The powers that he had on earth were given to him.
1:10:  There is no difference between "the day of the LORD" (Is. 13:6; Joel 1:15; Amos 5:18; etc.) in the Tanakh and "the Lord's day," which is obviously NOT "Sunday," because this book is ABOUT THE DAY OF THE LORD.
1:11:  Some versions (Textus Receptus, KJV, YLT, WEB, but not NLT, NIV, ESV, CSB, NASB, RSV, ASV, DBY) add after "Saying," "Ani ha-Alef v'ha-Tav, the first and the last," but see v. 8 & N.
1:13:  See Matt. 8:20N.
2:17:  "In the ancient world a white stone was used as an admission ticket to public festivals; believers will be admitted to the Messianic feast." -- JNT Commentary, pg 797.
3:5:  "white garments" -- "Throughout the Bible, white clean clothes refer to the righteous deeds God gives his people to do so that they may exercise and express their faith... Contrast the outwardly righteous works which people without faith organize for themselves to do: God calls these 'filthy rags' (Is. 64:6)." -- JNT Commentary, pg 798
3:14:  See also Col. 1:15.
5:11:  See Acts 21:20N.
6:11:  See 3:5N.
7:5-8:  the tribes of Dan and Efrayim are not mentioned; M'nasheh and Levi are.
7:10:  i.e., "it is to God that we owe our salvation." (Weymouth NT)
7:14:  tzarah: (6869[a]) straits, distress, trouble.  Not referred to as "the tribulation," but once as "the tribulation of those days." (Mod.: trouble, misfortune.)
7:15:  Grk. skenosei (G4637) – "tabernacled," from 4634: skēnopēgia (σκηνοπηγία) – the setting up of tents.  Used for the Feast of Tabernacles in John 7:2; hence, God's festival of Sukkot.
9:16:  Lit. two myriads of myriads. See Acts 21:20N.
12:10:  accuser.  See satan.
13:6:  See 7:15N. 13:18:  "The number of his name" ("six hundred sixty-six") is not spelled out in the Greek; it’s simply three Greek letters, which were used as numerals.
15:4:  lit. "righteousnesses" or "righteous acts."
19:1:  "Alleluia" (in the KJV) appears 4 times in the NT, all in this chapter (v. 1, 3, 4, 6).  The KJV translators chose to use a Hebrew word here when translating a Greek document but translated it to English many times in the OT.  EVERY TIME it appears in the OT Hebrew, it is either two words or hyphenated.  "Hallelu-Yah," beginning with the H sound, is the pronunciation given in the OT, and the Greek has a breath sound commensurate with the English H, but they chose to disregard it.  So much for the idea of the "perfect" KJV.
20:9:  lit. "ate them up;" i.e., they were no more.
21:6:  "the first and 'with' the last." Is. 41:4.
21:16:  about 1500 miles.
21:19:  fourth foundation: smaragdos σμάραγδος (4665): NASB, KJV, Berry, RSV, Strong, Hend. Interl., Interl. Bib. NT – emerald.
     NTHE: baraket: NASB -- emerald
     HNV: yahalom: NASB -- diamond
22:18-19:  Eisegesis is used to apply these two verses to the entire New Covenant.  There's no reason to believe that this should be the case.  And if it were, this curse would apply to most translators who added or deleted verses which didn't fit their agenda.

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