A little about me:

My purpose in developing webbpage-hnpv.com is to show Christians that there is more to the background of Christianity in Judaism than there is in the false doctrines and lies that have been introduced since the second century.
I am not a Jew by birth, but I have a Hebrew heart and follow "The Way" of Acts 24:14-15.  I prefer the term Messianic Believer to Christian.  I am a fair-skinned, auburn-haired Anglo-Saxon second generation Texan; a former:

I am descended from: It's like this: Everybody has to come from somewhere.

HERE is a (nearly) complete line from ADAM to me. (NOT "thousands" of generations!)



     Presidential               Navy Unit                Marine Corps
           Unit Citation          Commendation      Good Conduct Medal

National Defense         Vietnam          RVN Gallantry      RVN Campaign
Service Medal       Service Medal         Cross Unit                Medal      

I was one of
13 men
   (Baker, Broaddus, Britton, Caltagirone, Dorton, Labove, Miles, Milton, G. Sims, J. Sims, Torres, Williams -- If you see this, drop me a line - email address below) sworn in at
1300 hours on
13 August 1963.  We flew to Dallas Love Field and arrived at gate
13.  We went to MCRD San Diego and were put into platoon 260, which is 20 times
13.  I finished infantry training on December
13 and went on boot leave.  Returning to San Diego, I started electronics school on January
13 and completed school on October
Just lucky, I guess!

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Former member

Former member

(When did I get so OLD???)

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I'm editing the Bible, using some transliterated Hebrew words
in place of some English words derived from Greek or Latin,
plus some other words for those who are interested in learning Hebrew slowly.

The Introduction to the Hebrew Names 'Plus' Version.
There is also a Glossary to aid in your study.

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