Yavo Digest was published from March 1987 to June 1998 by Yavo, Inc., Dr. Roy B. Blizzard, President.

The articles are listed by title followed by the article’s author and the volume number, issue number, and page number. (e.g.: V2 N3 p12 is volume 2 from 1988, issue number 3, page 12.)

1 Memorial + 2 Miracles = 3 Commemorations
2 Corinthians 4:4
Ancient Oil Industry in the Holy Land
Anti-Semitism in the Church Today
Apocalypse Now
Archaeologists in the Steps of the Philistines
Archaeology and the Bible
Arkansas Institute of Holy Land Studies, The
Auschwitz: The Struggle for the "Final Solution"
Authentic Setting - the Woman Caught in Adultery
Balsamon Oil, 2nd Temple Period, Uncovered in Judea
Be Free
Believing a Lie: Gresham’s Law and Contemp’y Christianity
Beth-Shean: An Archaeological Jewel in the Holy Land
Between Christmas and Pentecost
Between Christmas and Pentecost – Part II
Biblical Faith
Biblical Woman, The
Birth of the Messiah and the Song of the Angels (Luke 2:14)
Blessed Are the Peacemakers
Bosnia-Hercegovina: A Holocaust Humanity Ignores
Bridges for Peace
"…But Deliver Us from Evil"
Chanukah: The Feast of Dedication
Chanukah and Purim: Double Danger, Double Deliverance
Characteristics of Pharisees
Children of Hunger, The – Poem
Christian Militancy: A Call to War or Biblical Error?
Congratulations (Mosely and McDonald)
Controversy and Children
Cross as an Event, The
Cry Freedom
Dead Sea Scrolls Conference
Dead Sea Scrolls Deception by Baigent and Leigh, Review by
Dead Sea Scrolls, The: Projecting a New Light
Dead Sea Sect and the Lord’s Supper, The
Dead Sea Squabbles
Deafening Sound of Silence in the Media, The
Devil Does Not Make Us Do It, The
Divorce and Adultery: In the Words of Jesus
Do Gentiles Need Hebrew? Part 1
Do Gentiles Need Hebrew? Part 2
Dominion Theology
Levine, R.
Michas, P.
Mazar, A.
Levine, R.
Segal, O.
Mazar, A.
Blizzard, R.
Moseley, R.
Segal, O.
Young, B.
Mazar, A.
Blizzard III
Blizzard, R.
Mazar, A.
Hanson, K.
Hanson, K.
McDonald, W.
Levine, R.
Young, B.
Young, B.
Segal, O.
Wagner, C.
Bivin, D.
Wagner, C.
Levine, R.
Levine, R.
McDonald, W.
Oerke, A.
Blizzard, R.

Young, B.
Flusser, D.
Hanson, K.
Young, B.
Young, B.
Segal, O.
Hanson, K.
Hanson, K.
Segal, O.
Michas, P.
Young, B.
Bivin, D.
Bivin, D.
Huss, L.
V4 N3 p12
V3 N2 p16
V1 N6 p14
V2 N3 p12
V7 N2 p21
V1 N1 p6
V4 N4 p1
V9 N4 p11
V3 N6 p1
V9 N3 p4
V3 N3 p12
V1 N4 p15
V4 N1 p1
V2 N1 p14
V4 N2 p13
V4 N3 p13
V1 N3 p15
V3 N6 p12
V4 N6 p4
V4 N5 p1
V6 N6 p22
V4 N4 p12
V1 N4 p1
V1 N5 p17
V4 N1 p12
V4 N2 p12
V6 N1 p12
V3 N5 p17
V6 N4 p4
V8 N4 p17
V4 N2 p1
V1 N4 p19
V4 N4 p5
V7 N2 p17
V6 N2 p18
V5 N6 p14
V4 N1 p13
V6 N1 p9
V5 N4 p4
V1 N2 p6
V4 N3 p1
V1 N2 p1
V1 N3 p1
V9 N4 p12

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