Eenie, meenie, miney, mo,
Which way would God have me to go?

He told the way in His Torah. (Deut. 30:19)
But Pastor Jimmy just said, "Nah."

"The New Testament's the way now.
Stick with me; I'll show you how.

"That old stuff's nailed to the cross.
For you and me it's no big loss.

"Just look to Jesus and you'll know
That Heaven is the place you'll go.

"Don't you worry 'bout sin and stuff
Like that, old man, 'cause it's enough

"That you believe. Don't worry none
About the things that you have done.

"Everybody's sins will be forgiven.
You're assured a place in Heaven."

But then I started reading more
And found that there is more in store

For those who would God's law obey
And not let man get in the way. (Matt. 5:19)

He said, "If you would enter my gate
Then, you, my child, my Law can't hate.

"The inward man whom the Law delights, (Rom. 7:22)
To the tree of life will be given rights.

"To enter into those pearly gates
Requires a law-abiding state. (Rev. 22:14)

"Just to call me 'Lord,' my son,
Doesn’t mean My will you've done. (Matt. 7:21)

So if faith without works is dead,
"KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS," Yeshua said. (John 14:15)


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